Bulk E-Gift Cards

By default, bulk orders are not sent out to individual recipients, but the purchaser will receive all necessary materials, including:

  1. An Excel spreadsheet listing all serial numbers
  2. An editable PDF template
  3. An editable email template

There are three additional paid options:

Option 1: A personalized email is sent to each recipient ($2.00 per recipient).

Option 2: A personalized PDF for each recipient is sent to the purchaser to distribute ($2.00 per recipient).

Option 3: Physical paper vouchers are personalized, printed, and shipped to the purchaser to distribute ($5.00 per recipient).

Click here to view graphic.

Recipient info MUST be provided via this spreadsheet.
Please email completed template to trvinfo@jmalogos and reference your order number.

If you have any questions, please email customer service at trvinfo@jmalogos.com or call (844) 878-9618.

To order, please specify your desired denominations below AND input the total number of E-gift cards to be issued beside either OPTION 1, 2, or 3 to add the proper per-recipient charge.

Available as follows
Qty Size Lead Time Price
$10.00 2 days $10.00
$15.00 2 days $15.00
$20.00 2 days $20.00
$25.00 2 days $25.00
$50.00 2 days $50.00
$75.00 2 days $75.00
$100.00 2 days $100.00
OPTION 1 2 days $2.00
OPTION 2 2 days $2.00
OPTION 3 2 days $5.00
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