Who do I contact if I need help with an order or items on the Travelers Online Store?

For general inquiries on ordering, item details, or availability, please contact your Travelers Customer Service Representative at or 844.878.9618 for assistance. We are more than happy to provide prompt and quality customer service.

Can I order branded items which are not available on the site?

Yes. Any request for colors, sizes, or items not currently offered on the site are considered Non-Catalog orders. Please visit the Custom Ordering page to browse products and submit a request. Your Travelers Account Manager will provide options as well as a quote for Ariba entry. Note: some requests require prior approval from the Travelers Program Manager.

Should you have any questions, please contact Customer Service, at 844.878.9618 for more information. Once approved, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, as lead times will vary based on item, quantity and availability. We will do everything possible to deliver the product(s) you desire, with exceptional service.

Do I need an account to place an order?

No. You may place an order and checkout as a guest. However, creating an account allows you to check order status, view order history, place reorders and save profile information for speedier checkout.

What if I want to send items from multiple people, can I add multiple spreadsheets?

At this time we are only able to send the gift from a sender. If you have multiple senders you are placing orders for please place separate orders.

Can I ship items that are not part of holiday?

We are trying to limit the items within the store that are applicable to this enhancement. Please reach out to Kristin Salone with special requests.

Will I receive tracking back for all my gift deliveries?

Yes you will.

If I have a large order, could I customize my message?

Please contact Kristin Salone with custom message requests.

How do I find the password to access the Travelers Championship section?

Travelers Championship merchandise is still available as always to business purchasers via BuySmart. For personal and agent purchases via this site, find the password on Inside employee discounts under the Travelers Online store section; or on the ForAgents web page.

What is the policy on returning items?

JMA's return policy is to accept all product returns based on any defects at JMA's expense which includes issuing call tags for the return freight. JMA will credit or replace the defective merchandise.

We also will accept regular inventory order returns for credit or exchange, for up to 30 days from the invoice date, with the client paying for the return freight only. If you need to return an item please reach out to your Travelers Customer Service Representative at or 844.878.9618 for assistance.

How are the items on the store branded?

It will be stated on each item's page which Travelers logo is branded on the item, in what color, and where on the item. The three branding elements used on items are: Travelers logo (text with umbrella), Travelers Championship (flag with text underneath), and the Travelers Umbrella. If you desire different branding than is offered, pleased visit the Custom Ordering section, and choose the option that is right for you.

Please note: some apparel items offer the additional embroidery of the Travelers umbrella on the back yoke, for an additional charge of $5.00. To choose this, please select the "Add Umbrella" radio button option, when it is available under the item's picture. If you do not desire the extra embroidery, no action is required.

Any request outside of the standard decoration listed for each item will be considered a non-catalog order. Customer Service can be reached at 844.878.9618 to provide you with a quote for alternative decoration.

Why do some items show a red "Discontinued" or "Limited quantities" message?

An item can be discontinued for a number of reasons, but NEVER due to defect. In fact, some items may be discontinued because they are so popular that we are unable to acquire stock from the manufacturer. However, items are most commonly discontinued to make room for new products, because they were seasonal and that season is over, or because they have not proved to be desirable. JMA works with your Creative Services Director to provide a routinely updated line of trendy and useful promotional items.

I'm having issues with the website; What should I do?

Please contact technical support or call Roger Thomas at 844.878.9618 and the issue will be addressed immediately. During this time, your customer service representative will be more than happy to assist you in finding or ordering products, and will promptly update you on the progress of any issues.

I'm receiving an "AVS Check Failed" error upon checkout. What does this mean?

An AVS error occurs when the billing address you've entered at checkout does not match the billing address for the credit card you are attempting to pay with. The system compares the two to prevent potential fraud. If you confirm that the two match and attempt to checkout again, you should be able to complete the transaction.